Daily Archives: 8/8/2005

BK on Duty

BK on Duty, originally uploaded by Mountainbread.

Coors Field, Denver, Colorado.
BK at the bullpen before the second game of the double header this afternoon. He did quite a good job for his team today. It really wasn’t a wonderful work but he DID a good job of ‘being alone’ and ‘take care of his team’.
Yes, people sometimes don’t realize the pain of ‘being alone with a huge burden of taking care of others’. The so called fans (or other people or even our friends) just easily blame the lost to the pitcher many times. They are doing very very lonely job out their…. I didn’t even realize the pain, and probably one of the silly fan myself. But I feel… I can feel it now….
PENTAX *istDS, 55mm, f5.6, 1/350s, ISO200.


Lost…, originally uploaded by Mountainbread.

Summit of Rendezvous Mountain, Teton Village.
I definately lost something…. something very valuable and I cherish… Can you help me to find it?
PENTAX *istDS, 50mm, f8.0, 1/2000s, ISO400.