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Old dreams…

Old dreams…, originally uploaded by Mountainbread.

Boulder History Museum, Boulder, Colorado.
An old photo shop sign displayed at the museum. What did the photographer tried to see through this camera?
PENTAX *istDs, 28mm, f4.0, 1/10s, ISO1600.


Baseball, originally uploaded by Mountainbread.

Boulder History Museum, Boulder, Colorado.
One of the old goodies at the museum. The museum is located in the Harbeck-Bergheim House, a historic building of the town.
PENTAX *istDs, f4.5, 38mm, 1/8s, ISO1600.

How Far?

How Far?, originally uploaded by Mountainbread.

Fiske Planetarium, University of Colorado, Boulder.
It’s an old astronomical telescope at the planetarium. Many people want to plan and be prepared for the future but how far can we see? How clear can we see?

Some lived here…

Some lived here…, originally uploaded by Mountainbread.

Cliff Dwelling, Manitou Springs, Colorado.
People say ‘someone lived here in this wonderful place…’ but it’s all the past. We should cherish and take care of each other so it’s always can be the present.
PENTAX *istDS, 35mm, f8.0, 1/180s, ISO400.

Castle in the Sky

Castle in the Sky, originally uploaded by Mountainbread.

Estes Park, Colorado.
Build it, paint it, and put it it the sky…. Yes, we can do it.
PENTAX *istDS, 43mm, f8.0, 1/750s, ISO200.

Beautiful scenery sitting under my feet…

Estes Park, Colorado.
At the Sunday Service at church this morning, there was a beautiful music play by The City of Denver Pipe Band. For some reason, I guess it’s true to many people, sound of bagpipe always shakes me hard…very hard. They played Amaging Grace again today and I was trying to sing along this time. But I couldn’t as always. The sound, words, and the rhythm were so touching like the warm words of my friend.

The beauty of the music, nature, and life make me encouraged and warm all the time. So does the kind words of my friend.

PENTAX *istDS, 18mm, f9.5, 1/350s, ISO200.